5 Ways to Get Cheap Concert Tickets

concert ticket

Are you looking for cheap concert tickets in your city?

According to a report by Statista, on average, a music concert ticket costs 94.31 U.S. dollars. Ticket prices have been increasing gradually since the year 2011. Needless to say, paying 94.31 U.S. dollars for a live music show is not something a frugal person would want to do. There are ways to get the same ticket either free of cost or for as little as $20. This post is all free or cheap concert tickets.

Here are the 5 ways to get cheap concert tickets

1. Let the show start, wait outside

You won’t believe it, but this is the best way to get cheap concert tickets. Here is how it works. Not everybody is going to like the show, there are always some people who arrive with high expectations. They conclude too early and decide to leave the stadium or the hall within 15-20 minutes after the show started. This is where you come in. Wait outside the stadium gate and you will find several people walking out in frustration. Offer them a few bucks for their ticket and get in for cheap. Who knows, you might also get one for free!

2. Buy Hard Tickets

I understand how cheap it is to purchase concert tickets online, particularly from sites like TicketMaster. But what about the 30-40 service fee? It is never worth paying that much to watch a live show. Buy hard tickets from a vinyl record & CD shop like “Rotate This“. You will not only save in service charge but also get seats of your liking. Plus, Rotate This is known for its friendly staff and amazing atmosphere in the store. So, why not visit the store, also make some friends while saving a ton of money.

3. Join a “Concert Subscription Service” like Jukely

Jukely is a mobile app that adds you to the guestlist of popular shows and concerts in your city. At present, this service is available in 16 major cities in the United States. Although, you do have to pay a monthly fee of $25. No other charges. So, next time you feel like going out for a concert, just tap open Jukely on your phone, check out the shows in your city, ask for permission to be added to the guestlist and walk in the concert like a celebrity.

4. Sign up with Ticketfly

Ticketfly is a tech company that prides itself for connecting millions of fans and performers. This platform is more popular for the promotion work it does for shows but you can also browse for cheap concert tickets here. On Ticketfly, you can get concert tickets for as little as $10.

5. Use your Credit Card

There are plenty of credit card companies providing free of cost Concierge services for its members. For instance, with an Amex Platinum Card, you get to call their Concierge staff and ask for information about the music concerts and live shows happening in the city. Usually, they buy tickets in bulk for their members, so if you are lucky, you might get a free concert ticket just by being a loyal customer of your credit card company.


So, next time your favorite musician tours your city, pause a moment and think about how you can attend the show without paying a fortune. Music concert tickets don’t have to expensive. Also, do not fixate on getting a particular seat or a spot in the stadium or a hall. The most important thing while attending a concert is to have fun.


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