5 Ways to Save Money on Magazine Subscriptions

You will be surprised to learn that even in 2020 people still read paperback magazines. The ones who are passionate about something like hunting, politics, cooking, football, etc do purchase magazines from the store. However, these days both digital and paperback magazines cost more to produce, hence the rates are quite high. In this post, I have shared a few ways to save money on magazine subscriptions.

Here Are the 5 Ways to Save Money on Magazine Subscriptions

1)  Look for Sites That Offer Free Magazines

Did you know that you can get free magazines delivered at your doorstep by mail? Yes. Several websites are willing to offer free magazine subscriptions as it allows them to advertise to you based on your profile and interests. For example, a golf magazine subscription provider can advertise directly to active golfers by mailing them free golf-related magazines. Everybody wins!

2) Go for Soft Copies

Online magazines can never be a replacement for the paperback ones. Reading a soft copy of a magazine just does feel the same as reading a store-bought magazine. However, if you wish to up your reading time and also save a lot of money, you should consider compromising a bit.

You can always delete the copies after usage of keep the ones you found worthy. Plus, most online magazines come in PDF format, so you don’t need to install fancy software to be able to read it. Download and install the free Adobe PDF reader by clicking here.

3) Join a Book Exchange Group

Book exchange is one of the fastest-growing communities all over the world. Avid readers meet at a cafe or a bar to discuss their common hobby and also exchange books at the end of a session. You can join these groups in Meetup or Goodreads. Although you won’t many people willing to exchange magazines, there is a tiny majority who will.

4) Use Your Credit Card Reward Points

Credit card companies offer massive discounts on magazine subscriptions. Combined with your reward points, you can get magazines for the fraction of the original price. Make sure you save some reward points each month for magazines. However, you will have to order the magazines online or buy the digital version. Moreover, you can also apply for discount cards offered by the magazine issuer.

5) Get Them Free From a Public Library

A public library is generally funded by the state or the federal government. The whole point of having a public library is to keep the population educated and informed. Every public library has a magazine section. To take a magazine home, you need to produce a library card. Application for a library card is quite easy and straightforward if you have a relevant document. For public libraries, there is no joining fee, however, private libraries do charge a small fee at the time of joining.


These are five ways to save money on magazine subscriptions. Do not be under the false assumption that digital copies are cheaper than the paperback ones. In some cases, digital magazines even more expensive. The tips mentioned above will help you find the cheapest reading material in your area.


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