5 Reasons Why Insurance is Such an Important Thing in 2019

5 Reasons Why Insurance is Such an Important Thing in 2019

While provincial care offers sound coverage for many health care related expenses, it does not cover everything. Having the right level of health insurance coverage is more important than ever before which is why many Canadian citizens are seeking private policies to supplement the provincial benefits they are offered. With added health care coverage comes peace of mind.

What Is Not Covered by Provincial Health Insurance?

Although provincial coverage is considered effective in providing for the health care needs of Canadians, it does not cover all expenses, including the following.

  • Dental treatments
  • Prescription drugs
  • Vision care
  • Private hospital rooms
  • In-home health services
  • Rehabilitation

Around two-thirds of individuals seek their own private coverage. The benefits of Green Shield allow individuals to have the full coverage they need so there are no gaps that require them to pay hefty medical bills.

5 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is Essential

Those who are without their own private coverage could be at risk, should they need healthcare services not covered under their provincial coverage. The following are some of the top reasons individuals should consider purchasing private coverage.

1. Critical illness can strike anyone, at any age. A critical illness can leave a person with mounting healthcare expenses that may not all be covered by their provincial health benefits. One serious illness could wipe out an individual’s savings.

2. Accidents are also a risk for people of all ages. Serious injuries could require a hospital stay. There are hospital costs that are not entirely covered by provincial coverage alone. Many individuals end up with large bills they simply cannot afford to pay.

3. A person’s oral health is vital for their overall health, but provincial does not cover dental care services. With supplemental insurance, individuals can ensure they will be able to afford dental care to protect the health of their smile.

4. Eye health is another integral reason for purchasing private health insurance. Having eye care coverage is essential for everyone so the health of their eyes can be fully protected. With private health care coverage, individuals can receive coverage for eye exams and glasses and contacts.

5. New citizens will need to purchase private health insurance coverage to ensure they are protected. OHIP does not pay for any health services for three months so this means new citizens could be placing their health and money at risk if they do not have coverage.

The Canada Health Act

Since its adoption into law in 1984, provincial health care coverage programs must adhere to strict guidelines or lose their funding. The Canada Health Act was put into law to protect citizens and ensure the physical and mental health of individuals is protected, restored, and promoted.

If provinces do not meet the demands of the act, they will not receive their federal cash contribution which is provided under the Canada Health Transfer. Although this act has certainly changed the way provinces provide benefits to citizens, many still feel substantial changes are needed.


Purchasing private insurance is a personal decision that must be met with careful thought and research into the options. The more individuals know about their options, the better equipped they will be to make the right decision on whether or not to purchase private health care coverage. 

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