5 Business Event Venues You’ve Been Missing Out On

It seems that most corporate events all take place in the same types of venues. It’s usually a giant hall or a restaurant. However, it’s important to do something a little bit different to stay fresh and remain top-of-mind. More and more companies are using creative venues to really make corporate events memorable.

1. Seaside Soiree

If you have a calling toward the sea, you can have a great corporate event on a yacht. Many yachts are extremely nice, and they are used for this very purpose. They will be prepared with servers and food, depending on the package you want. The scenery from the boat is gorgeous especially if your event is around sunset. Keep in mind, however, the time of year in which you schedule this event. You don’t want to pay for this luxury event just to have everyone stay inside because it’s too cold to be out on deck!

2. Garden Gathering

Most people would love to take a break from their office or cubicle and get some fresh air. Having a business event at a beautiful outdoor venue is one way to do that! Look for a nearby flower garden in your location to see if you can rent out a designated area for a couple of hours. The scenery will be beautiful, and it will give you plenty of opportunities for corporate pictures, too. Make sure you have a backup plan in the case of unexpected, poor weather.

3. Gallery Get-Together 

Add some beauty and culture to your event by renting an art gallery. This venue provides the opportunity to get to know your business associates and clients in a new way. You’ll learn about their artistic preferences and their perspective on the exhibit. This can open up a door to a lot of new discussions as well. Most art gallery venues are prepared to host events and can supply food and drinks as well, but be sure to book well in advance.

4. An Alley Rally

For the business that likes to keep things fun and casual, a bowling alley might be the perfect place for your next corporate event. You can often bowling alleys with a couple of bowling lanes dedicated specifically for you and your team or clients. While there, you can foster an atmosphere of team-building and camaraderie. This venue would also be ideal for clients or employees with kids.

5. Aquarium Assembly

This is another venue that would be fun for both employees and clients as well as their children. Depending on your local aquarium set up, you can reserve a room or get a discount rate on group tickets. This venue can help spark new conversations and get people out of the comfort zone of their office.

Hosting fun and exciting events can sometimes be a challenge, especially when they tend to be at the same location. The venues listed above are a great way to switch up your events with something new! By catching your team’s — and your clients’ — eye with these creative venues, you can be ready for a great turnout!


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