5 Apps to Streamline Your Small Business

Today’s small business owner has an entire arsenal of technology to help boost sales and improve productivity. Sometimes all those choices can feel overwhelming, though. Take a look at 5 mobile apps that are the best of the best at what they help small business owners accomplish:


The concept of using technology to manage finances has been around for quite some time but the perfect execution of said process has only recently been achieved. For businesses that are seeking to cut down on unnecessary, time-consuming accounting practices, QuickBooks offers a solution to your dilemma. QuickBooks’ revolutionary accounting software provides an in-the-moment snapshot for your company’s overall financial health. Users who invest in this application enjoy instant access to digital sales and expense tracking, profit-and-loss reports and, most importantly, gain the option to easily pay and request vendor invoices – the benefits are virtually endless!


Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the paperwork involved in executing your payroll processes? If you’re looking for a simple solution that can completely streamline your payroll problems, then Gusto is the app you cannot live without. Serving more than a quarter million clients worldwide, the service helps simplify the onboarding process of new hires by automatically uploading their information to government agencies. Additionally, within the app itself, clients are able to handle all local, state and federal taxes, provide emailed digital pay stubs to employees and even deduct benefits and workers’ compensation claims from paychecks as well.


Using technology as a financial strategy can significantly increase a company’s chances for success. For organizations looking to quickly can track the progress of projects or tasks assigned to members of their staff, Trello offers an easy solution. Trello is an easy-to-navigate mobile application that tracks your team’s workflow from inception to completion. Project due dates, progress reports and notes on issues that may arise can effortlessly be accessed directly on the same portal.


Do you value communication within your command structure? Millions of business owners admit to a regular struggle in this area with their team. In fact, in a recent survey conducted by HR Magazine, nearly fifty-percent of employees who participated admitted to receiving confusing or unclear direction from superiors. With Slack, an easy-to-use instant messaging platform, organized communication can finally be realized. By allowing any authorized user to send and share PDFs – like contracts and invoices – Slack allows the whole team to stay in touch no matter where they might be at any given time.


For the business people who find themselves constantly on the go, TripIt collects all upcoming travel plans into one streamlined master itinerary which can be easily accessed on any mobile device. TripIt also automatically updates any changes to departure times that may occur before you reach your final destination. Instant access to airport directions and weather reports are also afforded to clients who utilize TripIt.

Apps can give businesses the analytics data needed to make better decisions and streamline processes, which leads to better accuracy and efficiency of business processes. This can positively impact your business, from brand reputation to customer satisfaction. Embrace the use of apps to make your business run more smoothly and boost your bottom line.


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