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5 Amazing Money Saving Apps for Business Owners & Freelancers

Saving money is an undeniably common challenge for all of us. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, a thriving businessman, a millennial or Gen Z woman, we always look for creative penny pinching means in some way or the other. Thanks to technology, there are many handy apps in the market that are not only affordable and convenient but are also your true financial buddies helping you save precious bucks. Here’s a list of the top 5 money-saving-friendly apps every business owner/freelancer should try. Take a look:


This productive app lets you manage your finances and keep track of your savings. Mint offers an effective platform where you can handling bills, account balances, monthly savings, budgets and spending. You don’t have to fret about cost overheads or diminishing finances. The comprehensive interface provides a complete and limpid insight of your finances allowing you to manage your money without any hassle. Such an app can even help you in organizing your trade show facilitated by professional firms like ExpoMarketing.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money offers you the flexibility to cancel out your unproductive spending habits and any unwanted activities eating up your finances while monitoring your spending and expenses. The app checks for inappropriate financial patterns like an unused club membership fee or a spa membership that you no longer use and highlights them for optimization. Additionally, it also provides information on discount deals and credit cards perks that guarantee money savings.


Saving the finances has never been this easy. With the Digit app, you can monitor your spending habits and effectively keep track of your costs and purchase patterns. It has been exclusively crafted with tracking features that check the spending, evaluate a feasible budget matching your personal requirements and automatically transfer money from your designated bank account into your Digi account. Based on what you can afford, the app recommends a specific budget that you can use for your expenses while keeping the savings safe. With a $3 monthly subscription, it’s no surprise that it’s been labeled as the best-automated savings plan.


Whether you’re a business owner or a professional freelancer, Acorns is a must-have app. It helps you make stress free money management and productive investment. It allows you to invest your spare bucks for making money out of your savings without having to put in too much effort. You can enable/disable the investments according to your preference through the app’s flip based switch. Depending on your preferred service, Acorn offers a tiered subscription costing $1, $2, or $3 a month. Use this app to put your investments to good use and easily withdraw money in hard times.


The cost-effective financial management app aims at providing a comprehensive picture of your spending and finances so you can identify weak areas and spot tasks that reflect overspending. Empower enables you to monitor your transactions, analyze spending patterns, track your money and manage your liabilities. You can opt for the premium subscription costing $3.99 a month to benefit from all the good features of the app.

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