3 Tips on Starting Your Career from Home

We’re all familiar with how tough the job market is these days. Opportunities aren’t as hot as they used to be, so many people are looking for alternatives by becoming self-starters and earning money from home…and what’s not to love about being able to stay in your pajamas all day while making a living?

While you may see little opportunity in your area, the number of potential home-based careers is almost unfathomable, especially since many are online opportunities. To help you get started, here are three paths you might consider.

Sell a Product Online


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E-commerce has seen a surge in recent years thanks to its ability to let sellers reach a huge audience around the web as well as the fact that it’s inexpensive to set up. Etsy and eBay are just a couple of the hundreds of e-commerce sites you can use to sell a product. Forbes predicts that by 2017, the e-commerce industry will be worth $440 billion. You can easily be a part of that. Handmade jewelry, art, and even antiques sell well in online shops, but you could take advantage of any one of the many trends floating around on the web.

Open a Business From Your Home

Offering a service within your community is an easy, helpful way to make money. Starting your own small business from home means it can be tailored to your own interests or skills. For example, you could offer to be a tutor to local high school or college students or rent a studio to teach yoga and Pilates if you’re into fitness.

According to the NY Times, child care is the greatest expense among low income families in New York, and the story is much the same in other states. It’s very possible that parents in your own community are looking for reasonably priced, trustworthy child care services close to home. Dog walking, organizing, and scrapbooking for busy moms are just a few more examples of services you can offer right out of your home.

Earn a Degree Online

If you have aspirations to enter the professional world at some point but your schedule isn’t flexible enough to allow you to attend classes everyday, earning a degree online is an excellent alternative. UNE Online offers an excellent social worker degree program, and many other accredited universities have online programs in virtually any field that let you work at your own pace in your own home without having to visit campus. Some degrees, such as ones that require lab courses, might require you to report to campus. In those cases, be sure to pick a university close to home.

Keep in mind that working or earning a degree from home can take a great deal more will power and motivation than going into an office everyday. If you can avoid distraction and stay focused, these career paths can give you a jump start into your new life.


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