3 Things Van Insurance Covers

A business can benefit from what van insurance policies can cover. Companies such as one sure provide businesses with the financial protection and peace of mind to continue operating when their daily activities are heavily centered around transportation and the use of vans. Although you cannot put a price on peace of mind, these companies will. The level of compensation a business can receive in the event of an accident, fire, or theft, will allow it to continue to operate without disruption to its activities.

This article will consider three things that a van insurance policy will cover. In combination, they make it the reason why a business should consider obtaining the best van insurance policy it can.

Business Use

With vehicle insurance, there are special policies that cover vans as opposed to cars. They are designed to cover commercial use and to take into account other factors such as the size and storage capacity, weight, and larger engine size of the van. Although the premiums are higher than with car insurance, overall, the premiums are more favorable when they are all being compared like for like against commercial use. That is, the purchaser of the insurance is only being compared against other van owners.

This business use can incorporate cover for the van in the event of an accident, or losses relating to fire or theft in respect of the van. Commercial modes of transport are more expensive than many cars and so need to be adequately insured to protect a business from financial hardships that may occur from an unfortunate event. It is a good business decision to have allowed for all aspects of van insurance cover when budgeting, not to end up fully funding the replacement of such expensive assets further down the line.

Different Drivers

As with car insurance, you insure your van to be driven by different age groups. There is no limit on category B vans with a weight of up to 3,500kg. So, although it will cost more to insure a 17-year-old, as long as they hold a full driving licence it is possible. So, if you have a family business, you do not have to ignore that family help available. This category will cover the larger vans such as Ford Transits and the Mercedes Sprinter. 

Van Contents

In addition to the standard van insurance, you can also add van contents. This will cover what you are storing inside the van during transit and when stationary. For instance, the tools of your trade. It is an add-on that is well worth having. Many areas where a van ends up visiting when working on a job or delivering, will not be an area that we would necessarily choose to visit but be one necessary to venture into to conduct our business. You will want to protect items against being stolen as much as you will want to have protection against your van being damaged in a road accident. If the driver of your vehicle is at fault, it will be important that you are covered for not just the other van but your own too. Tool insurance, in addition, will mean that should valuable tools vital to your business be stolen from your van, you can afford to replace them to carry on your business.

The theft of a van or its contents can be just as likely as with cars, if not more likely. Vans and their contents represent a high theft risk because of their use, often higher value, and the potential volume and amount of their contents. This cannot be ignored when thinking about insurance for a business vehicle. Particularly as it is as easy as finding an online provider that specialises in van insurance to obtain the best price.

So, a van insurance policy can cover an individual van or a group of vans being used for business use on a commercial scale. This includes a financial loss due to vehicle damage from road accidents, fire, or theft. Younger drivers can be insured to fit in with the employment needs of a business. The contents of the van, in particular tools, can be insured as well as the van itself. This extension provides complete protection for a business that uses a van to carry out work in areas it is unfamiliar with in terms of security.