12 Goodies for Tax Day 2013

It’s April 15th, and here in the United States, that means one thing: Tax Day!  Yes, that fun and excitement has come upon us once again.  I’m sure, though, that the smart, forward-thinking, and generally awesome people who read my blog have not only completed their taxes already, but have started to prepare for next year’s taxes.  You probably don’t think of April 15th as different from any other Monday.

But for many people, April 15th is not only the last day to file taxes, but the day to file taxes.  It’s one of the most stressful and infuriating days in the entire year, and numerous corporations have decided to take advantage of that fact.  Not by making it more stressful and infuriating, but instead, by offering giveaways, discounts, and other specials to mark the day and its passing.

When you feel like this, you could probably use a nice deal or twelve.
When you feel like this, you could probably use a nice deal or twelve.

Depending on just how much effort went into your tax preparation (and how much you had to pay in taxes), there’s a fair chance that you could use a few goodies, yourself.  While you’re looking at what to do this Monday now that tax season is behind you (besides avoiding the post office until all the tax day traffic is gone) consider these giveaways and other opportunities:

2013 Tax Day Goodies

1. Free Curly Fries from Arbys – It’s the third year they’re giving away fries (and this year, small potato cakes, as well), and if you happen to enjoy Arby’s curly fries, it’s a not bad way to enjoy the post-tax-day bliss.

2. Two Free Cinnabon Bites – Once you’ve had a nice dinner, it’ll be time for a nice dessert; if you have a Cinnabon nearby, you’ll be able to get two free Cinnabon Bites between the hours of six and eight p.m.

3. Free HydroMassage Experience on Tax Day – This is one of the most interesting offers I’ve seen for tax day (I’ve mentioned it in my last Tax Day Goody List), but you can get a free massage on April 15-19, right when you probably need it the most.

4. Free Birthday Cake Cookie From Great American Cookies – While we’re on the subject of ways to relax after a hard day of income tax filing, here’s a chance to get a free cookie from Great American Cookies.

5. Free Small Popcorn From AMC – If you’re looking for something relaxing to do on Tax Day and decide on visiting the movies, you can pick up a small popcorn for free if you go to AMC.

6. Free Chips and Queso  From California Tortilla – Here’s one where you don’t need a coupon; just use the secret code ‘1040’ to get a free snack to recover from your tax preparations.

7. Bruegger’s Bagels Tax Day Coupon – Not a freebie, but you can get a Big Bagel Bundle (13 bagels and 2 tubs of cream cheese) for only $10.40 from Bruegger’s Bagels with this coupon.

8. Boston Market’s We Love The IRS (Incredible Rib Specials) – On April 15th, you can get two rib meals for $10.40 (essentially, one is free), plus you can enter for a chance to win one of 1040 free rib meals and get a $1 off coupon for your troubles.

9. Carvel’s 1040 Tax Relief Plan – You can pick up an 18-pack of Oreo Lil’ Rounders for $10.40 (that amount seems familiar, doesn’t it?) with this coupon.

10. Panda Express Free Samurai Surf and Turf – Alright, this isn’t a goody for Tax Day itself, but rather for April 17th (aka, Wednesday).  Still, with the opportunity to get a free meal, mild technicalities like that shouldn’t be too important.

11. Free Black & White Copies of Your Tax Return from Office Depot – I know that since they’re filed now, you’re probably hoping to to not think about your 2012 taxes ever again. But you’re going to need to have a copy or two available, and Office Depot allows you to make a copy of your tax return until May 1st.

You might want to skip this last offer if you are easily offended (as well as avoiding the LA Exchange (618 S. Spring St.) in Los Angeles between noon and 4 p.m. today):

12. Free Trojan Vibrators – If none of the offers so far have been, um, exciting, enough for you so far, you can head to the LA Exchange later today to get one of thousands of vibrators given away from Trojan Pleasure Carts.

Alright, that’s enough from me; as you can see, there’s plenty of ways to

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