10 Best Personal Finance Apps

Finance apps – Because finance goes tech!

When it comes to managing our finances, it is all a work of art. Some master it and some are still in the process of learning it. Well, you now have less to worry about since your mobile phone can do much more than what it was meant for. Yes, it will handle your accounting and keep a track of your expenses for you so that you will have nothing to worry about.

You will be able to sit back and relax and let your phone tell you how much money you are left with which you can spend or even tell you how much have you exceeding from the budget that you might have set for the month. Keep a track of it and weigh them all out later using the app and you will see where you stand on your finances. Here are the 10 best finance applications that you can use for your personal purposes.

Top 10 Personal Finance Apps

1. Mint

One of the best finance apps is available on both iOS and Android platforms and lets you keep a track of your financial behavior with the help of charts and graphs. It will enable you to access to your bank accounts, credit card information and loans making it a versatile app to use. It is also enabled to track your spending and will alert you if you have hit the limits that you set. All in all, it is one of the most widely used applications for personal finance management.

2. Expensify

Yet another one of the amazing finance apps that will be your friend is Expensify. It is best suited for the ones who travel a lot and have a lot of expenditures that they need to keep a record of. All you need to do is take a picture of the receipt that you have and the finance apps will automatically generate it as an expenditure from your wallet. Fancy feature for an app, isn’t it? It is available for free on both iOS and Android platforms.

3. Spendee

The app has a user-friendly interface that will let you have access to various numbers of tools irrespective if you are a free user or a subscribed user. You will be able to click imaged of your bills and receipts and store them for easy access when you need them. It shows you where a major chunk of your money is being spent and also gives you an overview of it through info-graphics.

4. Level Money

Once you are done syncing your bank accounts and credit card accounts to the app, this, one of the best personal finance apps will take all your transactions and put it all in one place. Also, one it is done, it will calculate your income and expenditure and come forward and suggest you on saving a certain portion of that money as well. It will give you a graphic display telling you how much you can afford to spend in one day as well. Level Money is available on iOS and Android platforms.

5. Wally

Wally is one of the best finance apps. It will track you and quite literally. You will be able to know where you spent the money and with whom you were, while doing so. The main screen of the app gives you instant access to making expenditure notes and view them once done. You will be able to set targets of spending and saving money as well. Wally is yet another great financial app that could be used for personal purposes via iOS and Android as well.

6. Pocket Guard

The app which is available on dual platforms of OS is enabled to check in and give you a secure view of your financials and details regarding them so that you tend to be more organized with the spending. It keeps a track of all your subscriptions and purchases you make and categorize them in an orderly fashion to help you look through your spending trend with ease. It will even consider the precious spending factors and give you a good estimate regarding your spending capabilities.

7. Acorn

Acorn is one of the very popular finance apps that even offers you investing opportunities of the change you save and also keeps a track of all your expenditures once you are done syncing your accounts and cards. The app rounds off the purchase you made and will invest it in low-cost EFT’s which has proven to be quite an effective way of working through things.

8. Digit

How about an app that saves money on your behalf? No, you will not be generating any amount of interest through it, but the app generates the interest and runs on it and gives you the services free of cost. The app goes through your saving and spending pattern and will set aside a certain amount which it thinks is enough. You can however, get this amount out whenever you want.

9. Credit Karma

An app that tracks your financial behavior and suggests you with better loans and credit card offers is fascinating. Yes, Credit Karma studies it all when you link your accounts and cards and gives you offers so that you have a better experience at managing your financials. The company was rated as a billion dollar worth company as well and has been prominent due to its offers.

10. Goodbudget

The good old days where you used to stash money in an envelope for a purpose that you intend to spend it on, are back. The app provides you with envelopes for categories that you wish to spend on and will let you take out money in a manner with discipline. It may not seem fancy, but it is basic and served the purpose.

Yes, days have come where we are having to depend on apps to keep a track of our payments and receipts and even be told by them as to how much we need to spend and how much to save. As fascinating as it may be, it is advisable to use it cautiously and to not mix it up with apps that are not secure and will eat away your wallet when they find a chance.

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