800th Post Celebration and CONTEST!

Thanks very much, everyone who entered.  The contest is now over, and I’m in the process of giving out the prize.  Thanks for keeping me going through 800 posts!

You might not believe what the title of this post is claiming, but it’s true: this is the 800th post to be published here on The Amateur Financier.  Even taking the guest posts into consideration, I’ve still written more than 750 posts of my own over the course of more than three years of blogging; call me prideful, but I’m impressed I’ve managed to keep going this long.  Particularly given how many blogs fizzle out before they make past year one, yet alone through two and even three years of (mostly) updating at least two or three times a week.

As this fairly momentous occasion approached, I thought a lot about how to celebrate it.  I do want to mark just how much time and effort I’ve put into my blog thus far, and to make a point of getting my readers all the more psyched up about the next 800 posts (and beyond), as I attempt to build up my blog even more.  There’s a lot of possible ways to celebrate an event like this, from simply making a note of it and then moving on to creating a huge celebration that lasts for days, if not weeks.

I decided to do a giveaway, something to show my readers (and my friends, many of whom are one and the same) that they are appreciated.  So, starting today, I’ll be giving away $100 to one lucky reader.  In order to have a chance (actually, two chances) to win, you’ll need to leave a comment on this blog entry, answering one simple question:

What is your favorite post on The Amateur Financier so far?

With eight hundred posts that have been posted, I’ve covered a number of topics, from 5 Simple Rules regarding managing your money to some investigations of Your Money and Your Mind.  I’ve discussed investing and small business, frugality and politics, and even  unemployment and job hunting.  (If none of those categories appeal to you, you can check out the rest of my categories under the Category section to the right of my screen.)  This particular entry method is mandatory, by the way; it shouldn’t take too long to look through some of my older articles and then share your thoughts below.  It also earns you two entries into this giveaway, so please take the time to do so.  I’m just curious as to what really appeals to my readers, both for my own interest and to help guide me through the next articles that I write.

Are you still craving more entry methods?  Well, there are three more methods to enter, each of which earns you one entry in this contest:

  • Follow my Twitter feed (@amateurfinance), to follow my blog entry updates and other thoughts
  • While you’re on Twitter, go ahead and tweet about this contest (there’s a link near the top of the page if you need some help; please include my feed, @amateurfinance, so I’m notified when you tweet)
  • For those of you with your own websites (most of you, if my comment sections are any indication), share this contest with your readers.  You don’t need to write a 2000 word post dedicated to how wonderful the Amateur Financier is (although, I’d love it if you did), just a simple note on a Weekly Round-Up type post will get you your extra entry.

In total, you can get up to five entries to possibly win the $100 prize.  If this contest goes well, look forward to future, even more impressive giveaways as I celebrate the many pieces of good news I should have in the not too distant future (graduation, birth of my first child, dominating the world getting a new job).  Thanks for reading, thanks for entering, and good luck to all of you!

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