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How Do Shares Work?

How Do Shares Work?

The most popular type of incorporation for companies in the UK is the limited liability company. Who owns a limited company is determined by who owns the shares in the company. A share is analogous to “having your say” in the way a business is run, as well as taking rewards from the business. For… Continue Reading

6 Ways to Trade the Financial Markets

For the inexperienced, there can seem to be a bewildering number of ways to trade your money. Technological advances have made these more accessible than ever, with the best trading platforms now available on PC, mobile phone and tablet. So what are the choices out there for the would-be financial trader? Stocks: The go-to choice… Continue Reading

Investing Overseas: A UK Property Tax Update for Non Doms

Property investing has been a proven path to building wealth in the past and there is no reason to suggest that building a property portfolio will not prove just as profitable for investors, who take a long term view. Long-established estate agents such as have been selling properties throughout many different periods of highs… Continue Reading