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YouTube Channels Making Money For GenY

YouTube Channels Making Money For GenY

YouTube has been the primary launchpad for the next generation internet celebrities. Very often we hear of videos that have gone viral, some good some ehh not great? Take for example Pen pineapple apple pen or closer to home Dhinchak Pooja’s Selfie song, hate them love them but you just can’t ignore them!  Not just videos but the channels which keep people hooked to the site. These stars entertain you in every possible way. Many of these channels have proper episodes much like Netflix. Channels in India such as AIB, Popxo and Girliyapa keep us entertained with their podcasts and hilariously relatable scenarios. Which makes one wonder do they earn any money out of this? The answer is yes, they do, and quite a lot of it to be honest. Here are the top earning YouTube celebs in the world:

  1. Collen Ballinger

Income: $ 5 Million

Colleen Ballinger and her alter ego the crazy and incompetent Miranda Sings have never failed to entertain us with their whacky videos. She also makes a whole lot of money for it. They, I mean she has memoir Self Helf, a Netflix show and a stand-up comedy tour. With her first video back in 2012 she has been a constant with her channel.
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