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A Man and His Truck | Keeping the Relationship Professional

A Man and His Truck | Keeping the Relationship Professional

You’ve heard all those country songs. Other than a can of beer and his guitar, nothing stands between a man and his truck. Many people find that buying and owning a vehicle is a personal matter, and therefore take a different approach to acquiring one than when the view is professional.

If you are going to be purchasing a vehicle for your business, don’t let your heart or your ego lead the way. Use rational reasoning and your brain to make the best decision you can, besides, that’s what you use for business anyway, right?

What Can You Afford?

You should have a business budget, and therefore should know how much you can spend on this vehicle. Depending on your line of business and your budget, it can mean acquiring anything from a small, used sedan to a full-sized bus. Remember that vehicles are quick to depreciate and expensive to maintain, so look for an option that you are comfortable with paying for while giving you the full range of utilities you need.
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Why Millenials are Flocking Towards the Medical Assistance Fields

Millennials are taking over the medical industry. In fact, estimates point that by 2025, most healthcare workers will be Millennials. The question is what is driving this population towards medical careers? These reasons justify the shift. Entering Such Fields Requires Less Hassle While it can take several years to become a doctor, most of the… Continue Reading