5 laws every business owner should know

There is a wealth of information about business law online, but do you understand these five laws all business owners should know? 1. Registering and licences Depending on the structure of your business, you will need to register with certain organisations. Operating as a sole trader requires the least amount of paperwork, at a minimum… Continue Reading

Some of the Things to Think about if You Are Affected by Bankruptcy

Property laws and individual finances are incredibly complex areas. It is important to know at least some of the technicalities involved with them, however, particularly if you are going through a bankruptcy case. This is because bankruptcy affects both personal finance and property. It is very likely that you will also come across the concept… Continue Reading

Office Supplies and Cost Cutting

  The office is often central to the successful running of a business as it is in the office where many important business activities take place. For these activities to work effectively, it’s likely that you’ll need a vast range of equipment and office supplies. Each of these items will play a different but important… Continue Reading