When to Sell Your Structured Settlement

The answer is “almost never”, though there are specific circumstances in which a structured settlement sale will be appropriate. To understand what these are, it’s important to know what structured settlements are, and also to hear something about the history of how their sales have been regulated. Structured settlements are issued when a plaintiff wins… Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Lawsuit Funding

Your chances of being involved in a lawsuit at some point in your life are higher than you might think. In fact, 79% believe that advertising of personal injury lawyers encourages people to sue, even if they haven’t been injured. If you do become involved in a lawsuit at some point, it might surprise you… Continue Reading

Remember the Lessons of the Recession

There is a feeling that the lessons of the recession are being forgotten all too quickly. During the recession it became more difficult to borrow money. Those that had good credit scores were often reluctant to spend as job security was questionable. If famous financial institutions on Wall Street could fail then anyone could.  There… Continue Reading