Weekly Round-Up: Have to Watch Those Prices

I have a little story to tell about an odd shopping experience, but first, a short refresher on common saving suggestions: One in particular that is regularly repeated is buy nonperishable goods  in bulk.  This is generally a good idea; most manufacturers sell packages with more units at a lower per-unit cost, allowing you to… Continue Reading

Book Review – Happy Money

Most personal finance sources tend to focus on one major concept: getting more money.  Sometimes they look at spending less, sometimes at earning more, sometimes at both at once, but the basic idea in any case is to get more money.  But more money doesn’t always lead to greater happiness; in fact, after a certain… Continue Reading

Help Finding Work While Disabled

Help Finding Work While Disabled

Let’s say that you’re disabled.  There’s any number of conditions that you could be suffering from, and numerous ways the disability could have arisen, from something that has affected you from birth to the results of an accident that has recently occurred.  For the purpose of this blog entry, the exact nature of the disability… Continue Reading

Net Worth Update: August 2013

I don’t know about you, but July was a pretty busy month for me.  Between the visit from my family at the start of the month and the immense amount of technical trouble here at the end (some of which I’m still resolving, in case you notice any continued trouble), I’ve been busier than normal,… Continue Reading