Infographic: Charitable Fashion Brands

While we don’t typically think that fashion and charity go together, there is a connection. While high end fashion is often for those only with money, there is a link between some high end fashion brands and charitable institutions. Whether it’s for students, cancer research, or children in need, some brands are having a great impact…Continue Reading

5 Reasons to Stop Bashing Payday Loans

It’s not a very fashionable stance, backing the “bad boy” payday lenders but, in an atmosphere in which everyone’s looking for a fiscal whipping boy, sometimes it’s healthy to take a step back and offer another perspective. Everybody from the press to the clergy have been raining vitriol down upon short term lenders of late…Continue Reading

Payday lenders: the port in a UK austerity storm?

The economic crisis that struck in 2008 hit many of us hard, continuing to make life extremely challenging for the next four or five years. Cuts were announced, spending shrank and austerity hit normal households up and down the UK. While many industries were drying up, there was one sector which seemed to flourish, with…Continue Reading

The Golden Rules of Property Flipping

At first glance, property flipping may seem like an incredibly easy way to make some decent money: buy an ugly or dilapidated old property, fix it up in a few weeks and then sell it on for a tidy profit. Of course, in reality the process isn’t that simple. If it was, a lot more…Continue Reading