Frugal Friday – Travel Lodging

Hopefully, after last week’s suggestions about transportation, you found it much easier to make it to your desired destination without having to pay an arm and a leg (or any other body parts you’d rather not part with).  But getting there is only half the battle; unless your destination is within easy commuting distance of… Continue Reading

Book Review – Conquering the Divide

One of my favorite perks to being a moderately successful personal finance blogger is that occasionally, I get the opportunity to review books or other products (alright, mainly books) related to personal finance and share my opinion on them with you, my readers.  It’s always a pleasure to be able to read something, particularly something… Continue Reading

What I Want To Pass Onto My Children

With Father’s Day so recently past, I’ve been thinking a lot about my own (future) children.  (Although, every Father’s Day that passes is one Father’s Day closer to when I will be receiving ties and home-made cards from my own offspring.)  I look forward to having kids, and having the opportunity to share things with… Continue Reading

Happy Father’s Day!

To all my fellow males who are now, or will one day be, fathers: I hope you are enjoying the day specially designed to celebrate all of us men who have helped (or in my and many others’ cases, will help in the future) to bring new life into the world.  Hopefully, the gifts of… Continue Reading