Some Advice To Retailers

I’m going to change things up a bit and direct the comments in this article towards retailers and merchants rather than my normal audience of individuals.  There seems to be a disconnect at times between retailers and their customers, and I’m hoping some of my advice can close the gap.  If you run a business,… Continue Reading

Fourth of July Lessons

If you’re an American, you’ve probably just finished celebrating Independence Day.  Hopefully, you managed to have a nice picnic filled with friends, family and fireworks, none of which caused you any permanent injuries.  Personally, I had a great time with my fiancee, watching her shoot off some fireworks, and generally having a fine celebratory time.… Continue Reading

Book Review: The Tipping Point

There aren’t that many economists who become celebrities; there’s something about the profession (or perhaps the people who gravitate to the profession) that keeps them from achieving the same level of almost certain celebrity as, say, athletes or actors.  One of the exceptions to this rule is Malcolm Gladwell, who has a tendency to write… Continue Reading