The Money Aspect of Piracy

Argh, kiddies!  Today we’re going to be taking on a particularly contentious issue in modern day society: Piracy!  So, polish up those peg legs, get out your eye patches, and teach your parrot to say ‘Walk the plank, you bilge rat’, because today is all about the costs and ethics of piracy! Well, actually, the… Continue Reading

Frugal Friday – Adopting Pets

Well, it’s Friday again, and around these parts, that means it’s time for another list of suggestions on how to save money while still living the good life.  This week, we’re looking at one of the biggest expenses in many people’s lives, at times a seeming black hole of expenses that can drain your wallet… Continue Reading

Choosing the Right Investment Firm

So, you’ve decided to invest; good for you.  It’s (almost) always a good idea to start putting away money for the future, whether for retirement or some other goal.  Chances are that the first place you should start investing is in your 401(k) (or equivalent) plan at work.  Not only will you get a nice… Continue Reading

Preparing for a Test at the Last Minute

It’s finals week for me (which, combined with having to give a major presentation last week, might help to explain why I’ve been all but absent from the online world recently).  I imagine that more than few students are finding themselves in similar situations right now, so I’m going to take a brief break from… Continue Reading