Book Review: Real Estate Investing for Dummies

Ah, it’s time again for another book review, one of my favorite parts of having a blog of my very own. This week, we’re looking at another book in my favorite money management series (among other things), Real Estate Investing For Dummies. Now, there are plenty of books out there about real estate investing (trust me, I’ve read through more than a few, most of which I haven’t inflicted on you here), so where does this one stack up? Let’s read on and find out! Continue Reading

The Future of Retirement

One of the goals that almost everyone working shares is a desire to eventually stop working; there are very few people who want to keep up their jobs for the rest of their life.  (There are some exceptions, of course; Hugh Hefner being one that instantly comes to mind.)  Retirement is the endgame plan of… Continue Reading