Frugal Friday – Honeymoons

Well, it’s Friday again, and that means it’s time for another post on how to save money.  Last time, we talked about means of cutting down spending on your wedding (or weddings, I suppose, although that’s one of those things I hope you only have happen once in your life), so it’s only fitting that… Continue Reading

Combining Finances as a Couple

One thing that every couple that is planning on getting married or is otherwise involved in a serious, long-term commitment needs to think about how they will merge their disparate finances into one united financial picture.  With how many accounts many people hold today, and the increased delays many people have before they get married,… Continue Reading

Net Worth Update: May 2011

Happy May Day, everyone!  Here’s hoping that everyone is ready for Spring to be here in full force.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m more than happy for the April showers to finally give way to some May flowers.  Even though it means that I’ll have to do a great deal more yard… Continue Reading

Frugal Friday: Weddings

You may have heard, but there’s a wedding going on over in England.  It’s no big thing, just a couple of young people tying the knot, the bonds of holy matrimony and all that.  But from the way people are making a fuss over it, you’d think that it was royalty getting married or something. … Continue Reading

PlayStation Network Hacked! How to Protect Your Identity

You might have heard by now, but there was a major hacking event over the past week. The PlayStation Network, where thousands of gamers congregate to play online, has been hacked.  Yes, the ‘hackactivist’ group (that is, a group that using hacking to avenge perceived wrongs) ‘Anonymous’ hacked into the PlayStation Network, and apparently has… Continue Reading