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4 Tips for Running a Small Business

There can be something extremely rewarding about being an entrepreneur and running your own business. However, there can be a lot of headaches and responsibilities that go along with it. According to the Small Business Administration, roughly 50% of all businesses fail within the first year. This is precisely why it’s important to take note of the actions you can take to minimize this failure rate and to maximize your personal success.

Create a Business Plan

First and foremost, any new business owner should create a business plan before they do anything else. This will outline your entire plan for starting and running your business. This includes everything from how to raise capital to fund your operations, the number of employees needed, the prospective clients you want to reach and how you plan on reaching them. Having a carefully thought out plan will allow you to minimize unplanned expenses that can be detrimental to many small businesses.

Have the Right Infrastructure
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Why Millenials are Flocking Towards the Medical Assistance Fields

Millennials are taking over the medical industry. In fact, estimates point that by 2025, most healthcare workers will be Millennials. The question is what is driving this population towards medical careers? These reasons justify the shift. Entering Such Fields Requires Less Hassle While it can take several years to become a doctor, most of the… Continue Reading

Spending Habits that Can Send You Straight into Debt

Bad habits can be hard to break, especially when it comes to spending money.  Avoiding temptation and sticking to a successful budget takes patience and discipline.  With most American’s having less than $1,000 on average in savings accounts, financial management should be taught starting at a young age.  Without seriously changing any poor spending habits,… Continue Reading